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If my dog wants my attention, she quickly licks my mute button on my laptop so my music will shut off and i will pet her


im not kidding

reasons I need a dog


saintkyril replied to your post “I don’t understand people who consider themselves a feminist or…”

If they were just joking around, that’s one thing but if they deliberately call other women that word then that could be a problem but I’m not entirely sure.

I personally don’t like them and I definitely do understand when you’re with friends yea you can joke around using them, but i don’t like how “bitch” is p much everyday words that people use : /.  o I left out “motherfucker” I hate that one as well lol

New Ad Guidelines Aim To Abolish Stigmas Against Dark Skin In India




I don’t understand people who consider themselves a feminist or feminist ally using words still like “bitch” “cunt” and other words that insult women???? and no, they’re not reclaimed and tbh I don’t want them as reclaimed words theyre just gross words and should be thrown away





senpai noticed me but shit he noticed i’m a dick



I wish white ppl would stop appropriating vodou/voodou and i wish everyone would stop using voodoo as cutecreepy adjectives for their cupcakes or names for their rats lmao. Its a deeply rooted mixture of ancient african and taino religion that should be respected not ur edgy playtoy and sexy switch up to ur boring mayonnaise life.


Gaza August 19,2014.

"Extended cease-fire ends. Airstrikes resume. More than 30 Palestinians injured and 2  killed in Gaza."

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

  • 2,019 Palestinians killed [80% civilians] , including 542 children and 251 women from Israeli bombardment
  • 64 Israeli Soldiers killed in combat and 3 civilians
  • 10,223 Palestinians wounded, including 3,486 children and 1,970 women
  •  UNRWA has exhausted its capacity to absorb displaced persons, and overcrowding in shelters risks the outbreak of epidemics.
  • 122 Palestinian families have lost 3 or more members of their family.
  • UNICEF estimates about 373,000 Palestinian children have had some kind of direct traumatic experience and require immediate psycho-social support.
  • 1.5 million people in Gaza have limited or no access to water supplies. 26 health facilities have been damaged.
  • More than 485,000 internally displaced are in need of emergency food assistance.
  • Shelling and bombing have damaged 142 schools — 89 of them run by the United Nations — , and multiple Israeli strikes on Gaza’s only power plant and other infrastructure have left it beyond repair.The cost of reconstruction will run to “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars,” - Pernille Ironside, the head of the Unicef office in Gaza

Gaza Livesteam

Gaza Updates

Gaza Emergency Appeal




Porn is racist as fuck

"Spicy Latina"

"Big Black Dick"

"Submissive Asian Bitch"

"Ghetto Ho"

Do kinky people and porn watchers not see a problem with porn perpetuating racial stereotypes? Does anyone honestly believe this isn’t racist?

People that watch porn are like, “but it’s not real!”

*** NEWS RELEASE *** National Bar Association Filed a Lawsuit Against the City of Ferguson & the Ferguson Police Department


WASHINGTON, DC — Earlier today, the National Bar Association filed a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, MO and the Ferguson Police Department seeking any and all incident reports, investigative reports, notes and memorandums prepared by Ferguson Police officers, in-dash camera video, photographs, cellphone video and recordings in connection with the shooting death of Michael Brown. 

The National Bar Association also sent a Preservation of Evidence Notice to both entities requesting that they preserve the police officers’ raw notes of all statements, observations, and data collected from the scene of the incident, specifically including the officer involved and all responding officers, officer detail logs from the crime scene, and video & photographic evidence related to the August 9, 2014, fatal shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent arrests of protestors in the City of Ferguson.

"There can be no full, fair and accurate accounting in any state or federal criminal or civil action unless any and all footage is carefully preserved," stated Pamela J. Meanes, President of the National Bar Association. "We want to ensure the family of Micheal Brown and the residents of St. Louis understand correct measures are being taken to protect evidence regarding this tragic incident."
In wake of the recent events taking place in Ferguson and across the country, the National Bar Association has developed a task force that will evaluate complaints of police misconduct and/or police brutality nationwide, an online petition has been created calling for an independent investigation for the death of Micheal Brown Jr. and an open book request has been filed in 25 cities and states for information on police actions.

The lawsuit comes days after the City of Ferguson Police Department released the name of Darren Wilson, the officer identified of shooting Brown.




What they won’t show you on CNN tonight: Ferguson residents line a parade of roses down W Florissant, leading to where Mike Brown was taken from this world. #staywoke #powerful #insolidarity